Magical I Am - Sky Village

Presenting, an innovative game we are designing and building for Magical I Am, Inc.

Magical I Am™ - Sky Village™ addresses the key challenge for dyslexic or struggling readers, grades K through fifth – the mastery of abstract words and symbols.

​Created by a dyslexic reader and thinker, and grounded in years of research on the benefits of play in learning and

3-D learning, Magical I Am offers a powerful and affordable resource for families tired of the stress and shortcomings of rote memorization and traditional classroom techniques.

 Using our patent-pending Bindu M.E. Tech™ and Adaptive Content Casting, players are introduced to hundreds of abstract words  and symbols while navigating the adventure and mysteries that await them in Magical I Am: Sky Village. 

Learn to read, so you can read to learn.

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